Who Should Use Kratom?

With a recent shift to natural and sustainable medications, you have likely seen a lot of attention given to Kratom and other plants that can provide pain relief and medical benefits.

Many cannabis plants, in particular, have become socially accepted as a form of medication because of their natural origin and healing features. However, there is still a stigma that surrounds the use of these treatments.

An alternative to cannabis that has arisen lately is the Kratom plant. However, not all people want to or should use this herbal product, and one of the most common questions we hear is, “What kind of Kratom should I use?” Here, we discuss who should use Kratom, based on its properties.

Why Kratom?

For starters, let’s discuss some potential benefits of this healing herb.

Typically, people will look to take this plant in supplement form to combat health conditions that result in chronic pain.

Kratom derives from a plant that is native to South East Asia, and users can consume it in various ways. While the substance is still relatively understudied and unknown, there have been some potential benefits linked to taking it.

For starters, people use Kratom for pain relief, similar to the use of CBD and hemp plants for natural treatment purposes. The plant contains healing compounds that may combat the daily pains associated with ailments like arthritis and joint inflammation.

Additionally, people use Kratom to increase productivity. It has a mildly stimulating effect. This drug’s history leads many to believe that this was the primary purpose of using in ancient times. Farmers and other laborers alike would ingest some of this substance for an increase in energy.

Users also turn to this herbal supplement for anxiety reduction and an overall increase in mood.

What Kind of Kratom Should I Use?

As of right now, Kratom is not an illegal substance in many regions. You can traditionally find different forms of the plant for sale online.

Tea, Supplements, and Powder

The most common way for users to ingest this substance is through a tea or other brewed drink. In Southeast Asia, users often chew the leaves.

The drug is commonly available in a powdered form online. Brewing it into a beverage makes for the most enjoyable experience and taste.

Kratom is also available in tablet form, though this is less common and harder to regulate than the more natural, powder form.

Recreational vs. Medicinal

People usually do not take Kratom for recreational purposes alone, although they can. While people often use cannabis plants for recreational purposes, they usually use this drug for its homeopathic properties.

Most users take Kratom as self-medication to treat physical and mental ailments, including the benefits mentioned earlier.

Before using any natural supplement or herb, you should always research and speak with a professional. You want to ensure that there are no negative implications that could worsen your condition.


As we move into a modern society that better appreciates the natural world and its healing powers, there are likely to be more studies on the Kratom plant to understand better what abilities it may have.