What Is Kratom?

Natural substances like Hemp and CBD oil are having an exciting moment in the public eye. Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, joins this group of powerhouse plants. Many people are excited about the recreational uses of this plant and its potential homeopathic uses.

Mitragyna Speciosa

So what is Kratom? In its most natural form, it is a species of a tropical tree typically found in South Asian countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand. The tree grows in Papua New Guinea as well. Fun fact — this tree comes from the coffee family.

Traditionally, people have used the leaves as medicine in various cultures and communities dating back to the 19th century. In traditional, non-Western medicine, citizens in countries where the plant is indigenous have used it for ailments, including gastrointestinal and respiratory issues.

Today, users enjoy the effects of this plant for various recreational and homeopathic purposes. While not a drug, the plant appears to have opioid properties and may also act as a stimulant.

Benefits of Kratom

In small doses, Kratom can act as a stimulant or an energy boost during the day. In larger doses, it can induce a strong feeling of ease and relaxation.

Users chew the plant’s leaves to alleviate chronic pain or symptoms of anxiety or depression. Additionally, some ingest Kratom for mitigating symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Many people consider the plant as a homeopathic option. Some suggest it can relieve muscle tension, promote relaxation, or generally alleviate low-level pain. Some researchers hypothesize that Kratom may attach itself to nerve cells, similar to a painkiller.

However, it is crucial to note that the FDA hasn’t approved Kratom for regulated medical use. More research is necessary to test the safety of this plant, including its potential side effects.

Kratom Consumption

There are several methods to consume Kratom. Many people who live in the countries native to the tree chew on the leaves or brew them in tea.

For those who live far from where the plant grows, Kratom is available for purchase in pill form or as a paste. You can also dry, crush, and smoke the plant, like tobacco.

While no method of consumption is more effective than another, pay close attention to the dose that you take. Different doses can have vastly different effects. At a lower dose, it induces a spurt of energy, while at a higher dose, it elicits relaxation.

Typically, the effects of Kratom begin within approximately 5-10 minutes of consuming the plant. The effects last for around two hours.

Considering Kratom?

Kratom has gained increasing interest as a potential natural aid for pain management. You may also enjoy the euphoric or relaxed sensations that this powerful plant induces.

However, as with any supplement or substance, you should speak with a doctor about any medical conditions and whether you can safely consume or use this plant.

This all-natural substance has a long history. Many people worldwide have safely and responsibly enjoyed its effects for centuries. If you wish to learn more about what is Kratom, check out our other articles.