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What Is Kratom?

Natural substances like Hemp and CBD oil are having an exciting moment in the public eye. Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, joins this group of powerhouse plants.

Is Kratom Legal?

When dealing with Kratom legal questions, it is often quite challenging to give an absolute yes or no answer. Within the United States, the answer varies depending on state, federal,

Who Should Use Kratom?

With a recent shift to natural and sustainable medications, you have likely seen a lot of attention given to Kratom and other plants that can provide pain relief and medical benefits.

How to Use Kratom

Kratom is an evergreen tree that is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. It is a plant that people have consumed for centuries and that many

What is the Strongest Kratom Extract?

Did you know that herbal and natural extracts can have some serious health benefits? You don’t necessarily need prescription medication to experience

Where is Kratom Grown?

If you’ve tried kratom, then you already know that this herb is popular for its mind-boosting qualities. However, most people don’t know where it comes from or how its grown.

What is the Kratom for Weight Loss?

Throughout the past few decades, there has been a huge range of weight-loss fads, tips, and tricks. Some of them have come and go. Other have stood the test of time,

What is the Best Strain of Kratom?

If you’re new to Kratom use, you may not realize how many types are available. This substance is divided into three strains: white, red, and green. 

Kratom: Facts, Effects, and Health Risks

Kratom is a popular herbal supplement that originated from Southeast Asia. It was originally invented to help relieve aches and pains as well as boost energy.

What is the Best Kratom for Energy and Focus?

Kraton is a type of tree, originating in East Asia. It has been traditionally used as a type of medicine, but recently has gained popularity as a painkiller and stimulant.

What Does Kratom Taste Like?

Kratom is derived from a tropical tree (Mitragyna speciosa) found in Southeast Asia. This plant is often used in traditional medicines for its psychotropic effects.